Cooling Water   System





Shriram Tower Tech Ltd undertake turnkey projects relating to Cooling Water System solutions comprising of Cooling Towers, Raw Water Treatment Plant, Circulating Water Treatment Plant, Pumps & Pump house, Piping & Valves, Electrical Cabling & Control Panels and other Associated Accessories.


We have extensive experience with various types of Film flow & Splash fills in crossflow & counterflow towers. This gives us the capability to upgrade the performance of all types of towers. Most medium and large towers can be upgraded in performance by 10% to 30%. Major performance upgrade jobs completed include 29,480 CMH tower for a power plant in South India where performance was improved by 25%.


Shriram Tower Tech LTD have senior engineers and skilled personnel with wide experience and expertise in the repair of all types and makes of cooling towers. Our expertise in the design of cooling towers ensures that repairs are carried out without affecting the performance of the towers. We have access to components and spares for towers construted by all major manufacturers.

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